Sharing is caring, serve our nation is a charitable scheme set up to provide the most vulnerable people in our society with the food and services they need to get by whilst helping small businesses stay afloat in these difficult times. It was started by Andreas Kattou at FishPlus in Rugby in January 2021 and we aim to expand across the UK.

Our values

  • Supporting vulnerable people

    Now more than ever, the most vulnerable people in society need our help to get by

  • Fostering community

    Bringing people back together is one of our missions in these unprecendeted times

  • Helping small businesses

    Small businesses are suffering as a consquence of the pandemic and need our support to survive

How it Works

This charitable scheme works only from the kindess of your hearts.
The next time you visit one our participating businesses, donate a little extra towards the sharing and caring scheme so that someone less fortunate can enjoy a meal, a haircut, some groceries or whatever it may be just like you.

If you are a small business and would like to get involved, click the button below to get started.